Freckle Face Skincare and Facials


Dermaclear facial $80

Combat the many stage and types of acne, weather you are prone to breakout or just a spot here or there. This deep cleansing treatment will de-congest, clear and smooth all types of congestion and breakouts. Includes brow wax or lash tint!

C infusion facial $80

This vitamin C treatment will give you a glowing, more vibrant skin. Antioxidants to fight free radicals and skin aging, while letting your skin bloom. Perfect for all ages that experience pigmentation / dullness-especially 30-40’s. Includes brow wax or lash tint!

Peptide facial $95

This miracle of peptides for anyone with aging skin concerns. Incorporating potent blends or peptides into this facial for smooth, plump and prevent skin structure breakdown, all your skin concerns will be met. Perfect for over 40’s, but anyone concerned with premature aging will benefit. Includes brow wax or lash tint!

Essential facial $80

This treatment is a fantastic maintenance treatment. Keeping the skin balanced, nourished and protected. A good treatment before starting any course of peels or dermabrasion. Includes brow wax or lash tint!


We stock a variety or resurfacing peels to transform, revive and rejuvenate the skin. Peels are great when done as a course of treatment, where you will get the best noticeable results, but can also be used in the essentials facial for an extra boost!

The following peels are $59 per treatment course of 6 peels $295 (1 free peel)

Enzyme peel

Never tried a resurfacing before? Pineapple and papaya enzymes exfoliate, balance and build skin integrity. A perfect starting point before moving towards stronger peels.

Pumpkin peel

Hold on tight! 40% pumpkin pulp, this strong peel is ideal for breakout, enlarged pores and uneven skin. Feel the heat with this treatment, revealing smoother, lighter, clearer, skin.

Mango peel

Mango pulp, vitamin C and lactic acid work together to hydrate, brighten and even skintone. Perfect for an instant pick me up, without any irritation.

Peptide peel

Bursting with peptides and AHA’s, the most advanced resurfacer for skin building and anti-aging skin stimulation. Perfect for anyone with wrinkle worry.

Glycolic peel

Do you have course, damaged, aging skin? This peel will give a deep exfoliation while infusing antiageing ingredients to retexture, form and protect. Not for sensitive skin.

Replenish peel

Suffering from sensitivity, rosacea etc…?? No need to miss out on exfoliation. This lactic and hyaluronic acid treatment is gentle, but still active enough to smooth and even skin tone.


The following peels are strong peels, giving a visible skin shedding, over 3-5 days, for a deeper intensive treatment. Prices from $150.

Please note: Consultation is needed as well as skin preperation prior to treatment. Not available during pregnancy/breastfeeding. Cease use of vitamin A or roaccutane prior to treatment.

Acne peel

Salicylic acid treatment is applied to target bacteria on the skin surface, reduce redness and cysts associated with breakout, helping to control oil flow. Safe for sensitive skin.

TCA peel

A potent anti-aging peel treating photo damage, pores, deep wrinkles and dull, sagging skin. This peel will penetrate the deep epidermal layers to bring skin back to life.


Course of 2 $200
Course of 4 $395
Designed for a deep cleansing of the skin, using diamond crystals to exfoliate deep into the pores and follicles. As well as a deep cleansing and de-congesting treatment, skin will feel softer and look brighter. This system also incorporates a water treatment for extra cleansing, soothing and hydration, making aggressive microdermabrasion a thing of the past. Treatment also includes peel for extra boost!


Eyelash tint $15
Eyebrow tint $15
Lash lift $65
Throw away your lash curler and mascara, never need lash extensions again!
Lash lift gently curls your natural lashes, giving the appearance of length and includes a lash tint to accentuate your lashes and eyes. Lasts around 8-10 weeks, with no fuss or aftercare required.

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