Esthetica Skincare and Facials


Dermaclear Facial $85

Combat the many stage and types of acne, weather you are prone to breakout or just a spot here or there. This deep cleansing treatment will de-congest, clear and smooth all types of congestion and breakouts. Includes brow wax or lash tint!

Age Management Facial $95

The treatment to fight lines, wrinkles and skin ageing. Peptides, vitamins and stimulation for improved texture tone and skin firmness. Includes brow wax or lash tint.

The Essentials Facial Range

Skin treatment catered to you. A consultation prior to treatment to determine your type of exfoliation, serums, and skin needs. Massage, extractions if needed and your choice of lash tint or brow wax.
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Essential Maintenance $85
Perfect for skin maintenance between active treatments and sensitized or reactive skins.
Includes brow wax or lash tint

Lacto Essential $90
20% 30% 40% available strength lacto botanical peels for resurfacing and treating skin conditions such as lines, pigmentation and dehydration.
Includes lash tint or brow wax

Essentially Luxe $105
The ultimate facial for relaxation and rejuvenation while sorting your skin.
Masks, massage, exfoliation, serums and more massage. Brow wax/tint and lash tint treatments included. Did we mention back massage as well.. so much massage! So much at a great price.


Powerful, yet gentle. Get max results without the trauma. A superior alternative to aggressive peels of the past. Treat, acne, ageing, pigmentation and more for the ultimate skin renewal. There is a peel for everyone in this superior range.

Skin consultation and homecare prep is essential prior to any medi peel treatment. Some mild skin redness or flakiness may occur after treatment.  Not available during pregnancy or breast feeding.  Cease use of any retinol or roaccutane treatments prior, consultation prior is essential to any medi peel.

Per treatment $99
course of 3 $245


Course of 2 $200
Course of 4 $395
Designed for a deep cleansing of the skin, using diamond crystals to exfoliate deep into the pores and follicles. As well as a deep cleansing and de-congesting treatment, skin will feel softer and look brighter. This system also incorporates a water treatment for extra cleansing, soothing and hydration, making aggressive microdermabrasion a thing of the past. Treatment also includes peel for extra boost!


Eyelash tint $15
Eyebrow tint $15
Lash lift $65
Throw away your lash curler and mascara, never need lash extensions again!
Lash lift gently curls your natural lashes, giving the appearance of length and includes a lash tint to accentuate your lashes and eyes. Lasts around 8-10 weeks, with no fuss or aftercare required.
Lash tint, brow wax, brow tint $40
Add lash lift $50

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