Freckle Face Products

This is our premium skincare product here at freckle face. This american brand product is based on plant stem cell technology, peptides and vitamins. Results driven and using the highest quality ingredients, feel and see the difference and achieve “maximum skin health”
You will restore, balance and achieve a healthier skin where results are sustainable
The brand you’ll want to age with!

This is our more “entry level” skincare, also great for men and teens. Still a great product, using vitamins and essential oils, these smell amazing. A nice way to get into a skincare routine, without feeling overwhelmed by products or price. A nice way to step up into using quality products and more active ingredients if you have always bought from the supermarket or department store.

Slip pillowcase
The anti-aging, anti-sleep crease and anti-bed head pillowcase.
100% silk, so soft, smooth and a treat to sleep on, not to mention the skin health and hair benefits! You don’t realise the difference until you have used one!

LIpsense Lipstick
The long lasting lipstick that won’t rub off, smudge off or kiss off- Guaranteed!
Lasts up to 16 hours.

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